How to show company name in CAESAR II


When using CAESAR II with network licensing, your company name does not automatically appear in the output reports generated by the program. Instead a message saying ‘Edit company name in <system>\company.txt’ is shown in headers:

typical CAESAR II listing

The same message appears at the foot of the main program window (the initials SPLM stand for Smartplant License Manager.)

To rectify this, simply follow these steps.

Step 1

Select the ‘Utilities’ tab on the ribbon menu. Click on ‘Open System folder’.

CAESAR II utilities menu

Step 2

A Windows Explorer window will open at the CAESAR II system folder location.

system folder

Scroll down to locate the file Company.txt and double-click to open it. The file will look like this:

default company.txt file

Select the text on the first line and type in your company name to replace the existing text.

modified company.txt

Step 3

Save and close the file and close Windows Explorer. The next time you generate an output report you will now see the text which you entered at Step 2:

report with update

The text at the bottom of the main window will also update on the next time you restart CAESAR II.

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