Niekie Jooste – Welder Destiny (Part 1)

In this interview with welding engineer and futurist Niekie Jooste, we get a fascinating glimpse into how work and careers may evolve in the not-too distant future. Niekie shares some of his vast knowledge on welding as it relates to piping engineering, before moving on to artificial intelligence and its potential implications.

To hear more of Niekie’s thoughts on the future and to better prepare yourself for the coming ‘onslaught of the machines’, be sure to check out the Welder Destiny site.


0.35: Introduction

3.15: Design for welding

5.30: Revised PWHT rules in ASME B31.3

8.30: Weld separation in piping

15.10: Crossing welds and mouseholes

16.20: The welder of the future

21.20: Knowledge work encroachment by robots – how should we prepare?

24.20: Having a broad knowledge base; including statistics & people

27.00: Personal artificial intelligence

35.10: Gaining advantage via AI










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